Frequency: Classes meet once per week for four (4)weeks



This class focuses on tips to improve your memory, including lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, sleep, and techniques for better attention, concentration, and organization. We also discuss how to make environmental clues and explore apps designed to help memory function. We encourage attendees to share their successes and challenges throughout the class.




This class focuses on techniques to help you get your point across, whether speaking, writing, or pantomime.   We explore various methods to help you search and gain access to your vocabulary to find that word on the tip of your tongue.



This class focuses on tips and techniques to help make your speech clearer so that others understand what you say.  Using various methods to improve posture, breathing, pronunciation, and timing, we will help you improve the clarity of your speech from single words to public speaking.



This class focuses on skills to help you live a more independent life, including making and keeping a schedule, organizing your time and spaces, personal/household budgeting, and when requested, resume writing, interviewing, and keeping a job once you get it. We also discuss community resources available to support/maintain an independent lifestyle.



Using a high-energy, interactive format and instructor facilitation, this class uses familiar board/party games to engage adults in social interaction to stimulate conversation and improve relationships with peers.



This class turns watching a classic movie musical into a great interactive event. The instructor guides participants through a series of Q/A’s, singing, laughter, reminiscence, and camaraderie abound.


All classes are for information/socialization purposes only and not intended to diagnose/treat any condition or problem.  Classes are not covered by insurance.



For individual instruction:

$50.00 per 1-hour class

20% Discount when you purchase 4 session packages together / 4 sessions = $160.00


Group Instruction:


40% Discount for four  (4)or more participants registering together. Gather the friends you: Exercise with, lunch with, golf with, have coffee with, and exercise your communication skills!

4 sessions = $120.00 each participant

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