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A personalized memory book filled with photos, biographical information, and interesting facts surrounding your loved one, who is facing memory changes or physical challenges, developed by  Rehabilitation Professionals with over 40 years of combined experience with the aging population. It is a portable tool, that will help caregivers understand current self-care skills and physical abilities, provide comfort, and allow family and friends to provide emotional support, through reminiscing.

Personally constructed for you, by a rehabilitation professional with 30 years of experience in the management of cognitive-communication changes associated with aging. 



  • Perfect Bound Paperback  Full Color

  • Contains Personal History and Abilities Pages

  • Life in Pictures

  • PDF digital copy to review before final publication 

  • Free e-mail/phone consultations to answer questions and assist with implementation.

  • Attendance to an Engagement Meeting 

  • Free email subscription to our e-newsletter  


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Memories Know No Age Limit

Do It Yourself Version Option



  • Personal History and Abilities Pages.

  • Free single e-mail consultation to answer questions and assist with implementation.

  • Free email subscription to our  e-newsletter  


After payment is processed and a contact e-mail address is provided, we will send the Personal History and Abilities Pages electronically.

Order the Do It Yourself Option - $29.95

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Order the Complete Book


Please allow 4 weeks after payment is processed and Personal History/Abilities Pages are returned to us via email to receive your completed book.

1 Copy - $75

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2 Copies - $120

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3 Copies - $150

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4 Copies - $180

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CLICK HERE to learn how the guidebook comes together including instructions, photo suggestions, and an invitation to an Engagement Meeting.

                    Watch the videos below to take a Look Inside the Book

A Note from Tricia


My mother was a resident in an Assisted Living Facility. When she could no longer take care of personal needs independently, I was faced with a decision many families face at this time, nursing home? or in home care with a caregiver? I decided the home caregiving option was best for us. I took her to our family lake home, and become her caregiver.

As time went on, mom’s physical limitations, memory and communication skills declined and she required several hospital or rehab stays ~ for “tune-ups”, as we called them, to improve her function. While there, she was unable to communicate her personal history and preferences. As her daughter and primary caregiver, I knew her likes and dislikes. Her favorite shows, music, clothes, foods, books etc. Although I was with her often, it was impossible for me to educate all shifts of caregivers, and visitors.


 As a therapist, I knew how difficult it was to have a limited history for an evaluation. A confused patient is not able to provide history or the information regarding previous abilities, needed to develop appropriate goals and plans of care. I did not want that for mom.  


I wanted the caregivers to see beyond a helpless confused old woman.  I wanted them to know that before she was their patient or resident, she had a life. I wanted them to know that once she was a young, vibrant woman who lived a full life, had a family, and many stories to tell.  


As she was not able to tell her own story, I developed “About Norma”. A personalized memory book filled with biographical information, information regarding previous abilities, her current activities, and the things she liked in the past.  I included interesting facts about her life and preferences with lots of photos to help tell her story.


During subsequent visits, I was overwhelmed with positive feedback. Her caregivers and visitors loved having this reference to learn about, and reminisce with Norma.


This book opened the door for everyone who came in contact with her, to relate to her as a person, increase interactions, and provide emotional support.  


I hope it will do the same for you, and your loved ones, as you navigate a path through the many changes associated with aging.



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