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WELCOME TO Meaningful Memory Maker.

We are a company dedicated to helping people maintain/enhance

their skills as they age.

OUR MISSION: To provide individuals and caregivers with the tools and education they need to enhance personal self-care and physical abilities while encouraging communication, engagement, and socialization through meaningful interaction.


Our Guidebooks: Provide support for individuals and their caregivers, while fostering communication enhancement through personally relevant, entertaining activities.

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Flower Cake

We specialize in reminiscence as an avenue to promote 

communication and social engagement.

We Offer Self-improvement classes in memory enhancement and social communication to maximize abilities, promote a sense of well-being and autonomy within a familiar environment. Classes are social gatherings that allow individuals to use all tools available to them (speech, gestures, writing, cognitive skills) to enhance thinking skills and keep communication going.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe wellness not only addresses physical well-being but also communicative, emotional, and social well-being. Enhanced communication, thinking skills, and self-care skills improve quality of life and independence.

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